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Give your employees another great reason to stay

Paywatch offers a game changing new employee benefit: Flexible pay! Let your employees take control of when they get paid. 

Trusted by organisation employee from:

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Help your employees be prepared for financial emergencies with Paywatch

Reasons for withdrawals: ​

  • Car/ Motorbike Expenses​

  • Loan Repayments​

  • Family Expenses​

  • Home repairs ​

  • Unexpected Travels​

Don't  just take our word for it. 😏

Make work more rewarding for people like Syafiq. With flexible pay, you can ease their financial stress and see the magic it does in their productivity and motivation.

Your biggest business challenges, SOLVED!


Increase your employee retention by

RM2 mil

Save annual cost from rehiring talent*


Employees that felt less financial stress

Powered by Leading Institutions 🕵🏻


Be the place where everyone wants to work 😎​

We'll show you how easy it is!

Paywatch is the leading Earned Wage Access service provider that empowers employees by improving their financial wellbeing.

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